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  C&C Legal Services is a website operated by Shanghai Yinxing Law Firm,founding of which is part of our efforts to provide convenient legal services for potential foreign clients.

      Making appointment or Filling varieties of forms are normal procedure before talking with a correct lawyer,but for foreign clients that will make the legal services urgently needed difficult or even impossible to access.Therefore We just set forth all our contacts here ,no appointment ,no filling forms, a phone call or email or wechat or whatsapp messenge will get a correct Chinese lawyer to you.

     Lawyer practices in China are usually different from that in other countries,all qualified lawyers in China can practice full ranges of Chinese law in mainland China.For us,we have strong team seperately for specific legal field,this tradition was shaped by our practices since foundation in 1981.

  Shanghai Yinxing Law Firm,founded in 1981,is one of the earliest law firms established in Shanghai after the establishment of the Chinese lawyer system.At that time,we are a branch of local government wholly led and operated by local government. Although we have renewed our operation to a privately operated Law Firm ,prudence and reliability ,characteristic of a government branch ,survive. In the  In the past more than 30 years of law practice,we have gained many honorary titles including a Model Law Firm from  Baoshan govenment and Eminent Law firm from municipal government of Shanghai. 

We provide the following legal services:

Services of Agent Ad Litem

Civil cases, including procedures before all courts of law, judicial or quasi-judicial committees throughout P.R.C, will be entrusted to our highly qualified and experienced attorneys. As anyone can reasonably imagine,fluent English communication is the fundamental and important part of our job. To achieve this goal, we established our special lawyer team for foreign clients, all members of which are not only law experts, but also good English speakers. Our effectiveness and efficiency have impressed our clients deeply. At the same time, our client's budget was usually perfectly satisfied.

We provide services of Agent Ad Litem for full range of civil disputes, including but not limited to IPR infringement, tort, personal injury, trade dispute, marital-family, admiralty or maritime, real estate and other properties cases.

Legal counsel services for Company

We provide legal counsel services in whole duration of a company from formation to liquidation. No matter you want to start or terminate business in china, or to operate your business legally in China, we can provide specific and applicable legal advice to every detailed problem.

Specifically speaking, legal counsel services include but not been limited to such services as to make general arrangements for business, to negotiate with any other party involved in the business, to draft legal documents, such as contract, agreement etc., to negotiate with employee in respect of any possible labor dispute, to issue lawyer's letter, to provide orally or written legal opinions in respect of specific subject.

For any issue requiring overwhelming legal opinions, our firm has professional consultants in all fields of law to render appropriate consultation.

Legal Services for Foreign Investment

For a foreigner or foreign company who want to invest in china, a reliable lawyer will surely do great help.

To invest into business in a partnership way which will be the basic way of foreign investment especially for small investment, but even for this, carefully prepared legal documents, such as cooperation contract, are also necessary and important to avoid dispute. Assistance from a local lawyer shall ensure the smooth negotiation,operation and compliance of your business.

To set up a joint venture, the process of which will be much more complicated, you are strongly recommended that a local lawyer shall be retained to prepare and supervise the whole process.

Services for Protection on Intellectual Property

We have a professional lawyer team devoting to protection on IPR ,so far all infringement cases on IPR entrusted to us have been perfectly handled, which cover  almost all IPR field including industrial patent (patent on invention, utility model and design),  trade mark and copy right.

Labor & Employment

We believe that employment relations are one of the most important aspects of a company’s business and our lawyers could always make perfect plan to balance a peaceful and efficient relationship between employer and employee. We offer alternative disputes resolutions, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. As shown by those cases having been handled, comprehensive application of alternative dispute solution can usually solve majority of labor disputes perfectly.


Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is a traditional field of our law practice. Our criminal defense team is highly appreciated by our clients globely, all members of which are both experts of Criminal Law and fluent English speakers.

We have successfully finished several criminal defenses for foreigners in several different provinces of China.


We will cherish every opportunity to service our foreign clients!


Lawyer: Colin Han


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